Race and Real Talk

We were so excited to host Halo today during rehearsal so they could share with us the groundbreaking outreach efforts they’re making to have meaningful conversations about race. Through the medium of barbershop harmony, these ambassadors are encouraging community conversations about race, even when the they’re difficult conversations to have.

Shana and Niambi suggested that, like an unresolved chord progression, tension in conversations about race is a necessary part of the process. Only when the chords resolve in a barbershop arrangement do we make progress or feel satisfaction. Similarly, Halo is encouraging the use of barbershop harmony to guide conversations that can be challenging, leaning on the process of making music to offer the release and progress we have yet to accomplish in addressing racism.

This is some seriously cool stuff. Please take some time visit Halo’s website. We promise it’ll be enlightening and entertaining.

Thank you for all you do, Halo. We’re so proud of you.

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