Bella Nova launched in the late summer of 2013 under the direction of notable barbershopper Richard Lewellen. Bella Nova is currently one of the few Virginia-based chapters of Harmony, Incorporated, an international, non-profit organization whose purpose is to empower all women through education, friendship and a cappella singing in the barbershop style.

IMG_2647The chapter was born from the members of Epic quartet, Harmony, Inc.’s 2012 International Quartet Champions. When The chapter was born from the members of Epic quartet, Harmony, Inc.’s 2012 International Quartet Champions. When Epic won their crowns in November 2012, they were associate members of Harmony, Inc., and affiliated with Area 2. This is because there is not a single Harmony, Inc. chapter in all of Virginia, Maryland or D.C. With an immense pride in the Harmony, Inc. organization, Epic decided to start a chapter that would:

… Be family and member friendly, and welcome female singers of all ages.

… Be active contributors to and promoters of the Harmony, Inc. organization.

… Avoid rehearsing on weeknights so the stress of Washington, D.C.-area traffic would be minimal, so that potential members who work during the week wouldn’t find weeknight rehearsals burdensome, and so that younger participants can juggle school-related priorities.

… Bring energy and authenticity to all performances, including competitions.

… Be structured in such a way that ALL members feel included and celebrated.

… Provide an alternative to traditional barbershop choruses in schedule, repertoire, leadership opportunities and in the overall group dynamic and energy.

Today’s mission and norms

Mission: Bella Nova is an inclusive women’s barbershop chorus focused on bringing joy to our lives and the lives of others through song. We strive to create a  respectful, positive riser culture where we focus on our own performance, preparation, and improvement to support the chorus in competition and community performances.

Norms: In Bella Nova we are…

  • Kind
  • Respectful and supportive – we respect and support the decisions of the director as well as the work of each member
  • Prepared – we learn our material and are ready to perform within set timelines
  • Self-directed – we focus on our own work and improvement rather than that of others

We believe that Bella Nova will continue to grow to become exactly what it’s name indicates — a beautiful group of women who are bright and shining stars. Please consider joining us as we grow this special organization. Learn more by checking out the FAQs section of our site.

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Bella Nova at its first contest in 2014.