Musical Leadership


Bella Nova is led by Christina Lewellen (Artistic Director), Richard Lewellen (Musical Director), and Kristina Adams (Assistant Musical Director).

Musical Director

Richard Lewellen is well known in the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) as an accomplished a cappella vocalist, chorus director, barbershop harmony coach and Singing Category judge.  He started his career in barbershop as a teenager and has more than 30 years of experience, and he is repeatedly invited to serve as a faculty member for the Society’s annual Harmony College/Director’s College, the premier educational event for the BHS.  He has also produced professional recordings, contributing as a vocalist and managing a significant portion of the post-production process.


Richard Lewellen, Musical Director

Richard began singing barbershop harmony as a teenager. “During my first year of high school, I met a guy who became my best friend,” he recalls. “He had just started barbershopping and his dad had started a few months earlier.  I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Barbershop Harmony Society ever since.”

Like many barbershoppers, Richard has moved around the country with his day job and family requirements, but wherever he called home, barbershop was a huge part of his life.  He is currently the musical director for the Fairfax Jubilaires chorus, Fairfax, Va. (Barbershop Harmony Society), and he is the category specialist for the Singing Category of the BHS.

Richard is the owner of New Leaf Music Therapy, a practice serving the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

One thing that ranks higher than barbershop in Richard’s life is his family.  His wife, Christina, is the tenor of Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens, and she is the daughter of a well- known barbershopper Bob Fuest, the lead-singer of Border Patrol, 2013 International Seniors Quartet Champions, as well as several other district champs quartets.  The Lewellens have three daughters, Morgan, McKenzie, and Bryn, who also love to “sing barbershop at the top of their lungs.”

Assistant Director

Kristina Adams

Kris Adams, Assistant Director

Kristina Adams is a music educator in Northern Virginia who was born into the barbershop harmony world (her parents were married at a barbershop harmony convention!). She has a music education degree from Indiana State University and has extensive experience teaching music and choir to students of all ages.

Kris won her first quartet championship as a baritone in 2003 with her quartet, Hot Topic. She later won a second championship as baritone with Epic quartet, Harmony, Inc.’s 2012 Harmony Queens. Currently, she sings lead with Rogue quartet.

She is a founding member of Bella Nova Chorus and has served in a variety of musical and administrative leadership roles. She brings her teaching skills to the chapter in a variety of ways and often lends her expertise with youth voices to the younger members of the chorus.

Kris and her husband, Rob, live in Northern Virginia with their two very musical children, William and Claire.

Artistic Director


Christina Lewellen, Artistic Director

In 2018, Bella Nova Chorus officially named Christina Lewellen its Artistic Director. Throughout her life, Christina has been a member of successful women’s barbershop harmony choruses and quartets. She conceived the incredibly potent brand of Epic, 2012 International Quartet Champions of Harmony, Inc. Epic won on their first outing in large part due to Christina’s branding, which included song selection, costuming, choreography/performance, and vocal style.

In the early years of Bella Nova, she designed competition packages that led the chorus to 5th and 4th place international medals and works closely with the musical team to ensure that Bella Nova stands out in a crowd. She’s a disciplined protector of the chorus’s brand and she pushes the envelope with her creative vision.

She is the tenor of Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens, and currently sings with Rogue. She serves as Harmony, Inc.‘s International President and was the founding president of Bella Nova Chorus. She is an association executive in her professional life and is mom to three daughters: Morgan, McKenzie, and Bryn.


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