The 2017 Bella Nova Award Winners and Board Installation

We installed our 2018-19 board today with the guiding hand and wisdom of Dr. Perry White, CEO of the Harmony Foundation. His take on leadership was so good that Richard practically tackled him to steal his written notes when he was done speaking!!



Our founding president, Christina, created a series of annual awards that are decided each year by the outgoing president. Our current president, Cat Lander, noted that she couldn’t pick just one person for each category, so she decided to award two of each!

Riser Diva — Niambi Powell Stewart and Allyn Powell

Fabulous Freshman — Alessandra Daigneault and Jennifer Bushong

Richard’s Other Wife — Teri Allred and Christina Lewellen

The Invisible Crown Award — Annie Ermlick and Melissa Hartman

Oh, and cupcakes.

The end.

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