Bella Leaders, 2018-19

We know that a lot of work happens behind the scenes to keep our chapter running smoothly. The Bellas listed below have stepped up to run as Board members for 2018-19 and we are so grateful for their service. In addition to being wonderful singers and performers, these women will give selflessly of their time and expertise to keep the wheels turning, and we are so grateful to them. Please join us in congratulating the newly elected leaders!

President: Cat Lander
VP Music: Annie Ermlick
VP Programs: Jennifer Bushong
VP Membership: Marielle Roberts
VP Finance: April Setlik
VP Administration: Marcie Miller
At-Large Member: Jerri White
At-Large Member: Sara Wood
At-Large Member: Carey Fagerstrom

We love you, Bella board. We are here to support you!

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