Our new “forever” home

We had a feeling when we started this chapter that it would take a few tries at the bat to find the perfect rehearsal site for Bella Nova. We have an “interesting” schedule, we come with a bit of baggage (it’s safe to say that ginormous sets of risers are baggage, yes?), and we’re loud (mostly because we’re happy and we have a tag-singing problem).

We’ve had a couple of false starts on the rehearsal site front through no fault of ours or the host facilities. Like adopting a pet, we knew it might take a while to find our “forever” home.

Guess what? We found our “forever” home. At least we hope we have!

With a huge thanks to Bella Nova’s ad hoc rehearsal site search committee, we have officially struck a deal with the fine men of the Ashburn-Sterling Masonic Lodge #288. They have gone above and beyond to accommodate us, our rehearsal schedule, and our risers, and we simply cannot thank them enough for being willing to “adopt” Bella Nova. We are good pets and we promise not to pee on the carpet!

Seriously, though, we’re beyond excited about this new stage in our journey. Right after we return from our Area 3 contest in New York, we’ll shift our rehearsals to our forever home.

Here’s the address:

43881 Waxpool Rd., Ashburn, VA

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