Find Your 15 Minutes of Fame

JPG Find Your Voice Guest Flyer

Look, we know it’s tough to put yourself first as a woman. When was the last time you tackled a “bucket list” item that was well within the confines of your busy schedule? Has it been YEARS since you participated in your high school chorus or church choir? Do you spend those long hours on the beltway singing in your car and hoping strangers don’t catch you?

Yup, we do too. It’s definitely time for you to get your 15 minutes of fame!

Bella Nova is hosting a program that will allow you to explore your inner “Pitch Perfect” without making a major commitment. In fact, there’s no commitment at all. Come to four rehearsals and then sing on a legit show with us. Three songs. Four rehearsals…and only one hour during that rehearsal. Totally do-able, right?

Rehearse with Bella Nova from 1-2 pm on four Sunday afternoons (March 1, 15, 29, and April 12) and then perform with us in front of a live, a cappella-loving audience in Fairfax on April 18th. That’s it. No dues. No costumes. No complications. Just fun.

We’ve got music and learning tracks. You don’t need to read music and you don’t need to worry about singing by yourself (that’s what we’re for!)…there’s a whole group of women who will be singing your part with you. Our director is a really nice guy. He never yells and he hardly ever makes dumb jokes.

Not sure if it’s your thing? Stop by February 15th for our open house to see what we’re all about. We’ll be at Leesburg Methodist Church from 1-4pm. If you want to find your 15 minutes of fame, we’ll give you your materials and see you again on March 1st!

Do you have questions? Email us… we’ll be happy to connect with you!

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