New home, new time

We’re so excited about our pending transition to a new rehearsal site! Starting with our August 10th rehearsal, we will now meet in Leesburg, Va., at the United Methodist Church. We’re grateful to have on-site rehearsal risers, and we’re adjusting our start time to 1pm. We will rehearse until 4pm, and our Board meetings will be held immediately following the second rehearsal of the month.

We want to take a moment to share our deepest appreciation to Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Herndon. Our first “home” will always hold a very special place in our hearts. They opened their facility to us with open arms long before we even had a chapter charter. We are so blessed to have had the support of this world-class church community. Our many, many thanks to Jeremy and the entire Holy Cross Lutheran organization.

Also worth a shout-out… starting August 10th, Bella Nova will launch its youth development program. Designed especially for the younger members of Bella Nova, the youth development pull-out program will take place during regularly scheduled rehearsals and will focus on musical development, proper singing techniques for  young performers, and much, much more! Our youth will learn from best-in-class musical leaders–launching them on a lifetime of performance success!

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