We are official

In late October, we were officially chartered by Harmony, Inc.! This was quite a complex process that included having a minimum of 18 members (we had more than 34) and completing a bunch of paperwork and providing documentation. We have bylaws. We have standing rules. We have an interim board. We are official!!

The first few months of the existence of Bella Nova have truly been pretty magical. Our rehearsals have been surprisingly productive. Brand new barbershoppers and experienced barbershoppers are standing shoulder-to-shoulder under the direction of Richard Lewellen and we’ve already fallen into lock step in making some beautiful noise together.

As we head to Harmony Inc.’s International Contest & Convention (IC&C) next week, more than a dozen Bella Nova members will be in attendance. We’re looking forward to bonding with our Harmony, Inc. sisters!

We are energized about kicking off what’s sure to be an incredible journey!