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Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens (Chris, Shana, Anne, and Kris)


Bella Nova is the home of Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens. Chris (tenor), Anne (lead), Shana (bass) and Kris (baritone) founded the chapter to bring Harmony, Inc. to the greater Washington, D.C., region. With queens at the musical helm, Bella Nova will be a chorus that fosters quartet development and creates an environment that is super-supportive of quartet hopefuls.

Come check out what Bella Nova is all about… and you may find your picture on this page before you know it!

Learn more about Epic by visiting www.EpicQuartet.com.



Halo is Shana (tenor), Portia (lead), Niambi (bari), and Jasmine (bass).

Bella Nova is also happy to claim the talented ladies of Halo quartet. With immense musical experience, Halo is Shana Oshiro (tenor), Portia Pitts (lead), Niambi Powell (baritone), and Jasmine Barnes (bass). The ladies note that spreading the joy of barbershop is what brought them together in 2014: “We want to influence our youth and other ethnicities to join in this amazing hobby/lifestyle we love, Barbershop!!!” Learn more about Halo by visiting their Facebook page… be sure to throw them a “like” while you are there!


Rogue features two Epic queens (Kris on lead this time and Chris on tenor) and stand-out Bella Nova vocalists Judy on baritone and Annie on bass. These ladies landed a 14th place finish in its first International competition and aims to bring a little “rogue” flavor to the barbershop harmony genre. Find them on Facebook.

RogueRogue is Chris (tenor), Judi (bari), Kris (lead), and Annie (bass).

Mystic Chicks

A powerful combination of experienced barbershoppers, bringing a whole new meaning to musicality! Bella Nova is proud to claim its International top 20 quartet, Mystic Chicks, featuring Erin (lead), Debbie (bass), Jerri (bari), and Rachael (tenor). Visit Mystic Chicks on Facebook.

Mystic ChicksMystic Chics features Jerri (bari), Debbie (bass), Erin (lead), and Rachael (tenor).


Bella Nova offers a warm welcome to its newest quartet, Entourage, featuring Heidi Brown (tenor), Alessandra Daigneault (lead), Dawn Haggerty (baritone), and Emily Faalasli (bass). Visit Entourage on Facebook.


Entourage is Alessandra (lead), Dawn (bari), Heidi (tenor), and Emily (bass).

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