Charter Party!

We are beyond excited about our upcoming chartering party! We are now an official chapter of Harmony, Inc., which means we have a lot to celebrate as we ring in the new year!

We are welcoming Harmony, Inc. President Jeanne O’Connor to the Washington, D.C., region to be an important part of our weekend celebration. On Saturday, Jeanne is coaching Epic in an open event called “fishbowl coaching.” The goal is to invite the audience behind-the-scenes to experience a quartet coaching session and learn from the best. So much of what Harmony, Inc. and Bella Nova prides itself on is education so we wanted to make sure we take advantage of the most talented female barbershoppers in the country while she’s here visiting with us!

On Sunday, the big party goes down! During our afternoon rehearsal, we are inviting friends and special guests to join us as we install our first Board of Directors. Epic and some other special quartets (both male and female) are planning to join us to help celebrate with Bella Nova. Click the links above if you’re interested in joining us… we’d LOVE to see you there!

Stay tuned for more pics of our special chartering event!


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